Single Serve Coffee & The Environment

Did you know that coffee pods are recyclable? The four elements that most single serve cups include (plastic, paper, coffee, and an aluminum foil) cannot be recycled together – but they can be recycled once separated!

That’s why DripJoy has partnered with Recycle A Cup® to help subscribers reduce the impact these cups have on our planet. It works by separating the aluminum foil top from the plastic, allowing you to recycle the components.

As part of DripJoy’s commitment to the environment, every subscriber receives a complimentary Recycle A Cup®. After placing your first order, we’ll email you a code which can be redeemed at Recycle A Cup’s website. You simply pay shipping & handling of $2.60.

Please note that all orders for Recycle A Cup products must be placed directly on their website and are processed, fulfilled, and supported by Recycle A Cup/Medelco Inc.

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