Morning Joy

Medium/Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee

Each cup of Morning Joy comes packed to the brim with a cheerful blend of smoked cedar, lemon, and happiness. When you start your day with Morning Joy, you know you’re starting your day on the right foot.

“Morning Joy is my favorite way to start the day! It’s a bright and happy blend, perfect on warm summer mornings when the sun is shining bright.”

– Nick

Two Ways to Buy JoyPods™

Smoke Cedar

Earthy and robust, smoked cedar flavors evoke memories of fireside laughter with friends, getting back to nature, and warmth.


The tart influence of lemon is delightful and intriguing. Subtle tones of lemon round out Morning Joy for a perfect cup to get you started.


Every one of our JoyPods is roasted with you in mind. Our goal is to make sure your day begins with a smile and the energy you need. Simply brewing a cup will put you in a Joyful mood.