Happy Hazelnut

Medium/Dark Roast K-cup® Compatible Pods

Notes of maple and a nutty sweetness swirl together in every morning mug of Happy Hazelnut to create a delightfully Joyful experience. Start your day off with a smile!

“Nothing gets my day started quite like a cup of delicious Happy Hazelnut. I have two cups every morning!”

– Molly

Two Ways to Buy JoyPods™


Viewed as a bridge to many different flavors, the broad and aromatic notes of hazelnut are sure to make every cup one to remember.


Naturally sweet flavors create a brew that doesn’t need to be augmented with creamers or sugar. Delicate with a strong finish, it’s a flavorful way to start your day.


The sweetness of maple blends perfectly with hazelnut to create a mild and smooth brew guaranteed to spice up your day.