Delightful Decaf

Roast K-cup® Compatible Pods

Smooth in flavor with the just the right amount of spice, you’ll never be able tell there’s no caffeine in every flavorful cup of Delightful Decaf. Enjoy at all hours of the day without the eye-opening effects of our other blends.

“I love the taste of coffee, but I just can’t do caffeine. Delightful Decaf from DripJoy has a wonderful flavor without all of the twitching.”

– Cynthia

Two Ways to Buy JoyPods™


Nicely balanced with a smooth sweetness and a tartness that calls to mind some of the best Central American blends, you won’t believe there’s no caffeine.


A delightful tingle to the senses, spicy notes round out a rich, aromatic flavor profile that’s a perfect counter to the smooth front end of the flavor.

Caffeine-Free Joy

Not everyone needs – or wants – the eye-opening magic of caffeine. The smooth spiciness of our caffeine-free blend can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night. Just delightful.