Dark Bean Daydream

Medium/Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee

Hints of chocolate and lemon – and a hint of the warm and fuzzies – can be found in every mug of Dark Bean Daydream. It’s so flavorful and refreshing, you’ll be dreaming of your next cup before you finish your first.

“This coffee is a rich blend of bold flavor. It’s definitely my favorite. I have three cups every morning!”

– Brad

Two Ways to Buy JoyPods™


Notes of cocoa swirl and dance in every drop, creating a decadent and Joyful blend that’s sure to delight down to the last drop.

Light Lemon

Lemon pairs with the sweet and savory, and the spicy and the mild. When combined with chocolate, light citrus tones create a well-rounded flavor profile perfect for our favorite dark roast.

Warm? Fuzzy? Both!

It’s impossible to not associate coffee with the warm and fuzzies. Our coffee is made with you in mind. Be warm. Be Joyful.