Colombian Cheer

Medium/Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee

Notes of cocoa and guava swirl to together in every mug of Colombian Cheer to provide you with a semi-sweet and fruity experience that’s guaranteed to put a skip in your step and a smile on your face.

“Colombian Cheer is the perfect blend to start my morning, and the subtle hints of cocoa mean my house smells fantastic!”

– Dawn

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A blend of semi-sweet tones and a splash of cocoa come together to help to create a remarkably clean, full-bodied flavor for this medium roast.


Hints of guava and a low acidity level create a rich and incredibly smooth flavor, guaranteed to go down easy and start your day off just right.

An Extra Skip in Your Step

With refreshing flavors, a powerful aroma, and higher caffeine level than some of our darker roasts, every cup of Colombian Cheer is sure to put an extra skip in your step.