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We love and nurture every bean… all the way to your cup.

A convenient cup of coffee shouldn’t be subpar. We set out to prove that creating a better single serve coffee experience is possible. We started by treating our beans differently.

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Straight from the Origin

We partner with farmers in over 6 countries and 3 continents to ensure that our coffee is sourced responsibly and sustainably.

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Sustainably Harvested

Our farmers are trained and equipped to harvest cherries at their ripest moment, ensuring the most robust flavors, maximizing the yield of each tree, and improving the farm’s sustainability.

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Positive Processing

We leverage local cooperative wet mills to separate beans from the cherries, allowing our farming communities to use centralized infrastructure to expand opportunity in their local economy.

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High Grade Quality

Our processing mills elaborately sort through our beans, separating the mediocre from the high grade.

We don’t mix bean quality to reduce costs, which is what accounts for low flavor coffee you’ve experienced elsewhere.

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Speed to Freshness

While most suppliers claim that green coffee beans have a 2 to 5 year shelf life, we disagree. Green coffee beans should be roasted as soon as possible to lock in the natural flavors, resulting in a better cup of joe.

Our transport and roasting process is designed to reduce the time-to-roast.

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Locking in the Freshness

Finally, our coffee is ground and packaged to lock in the flavor. Our K-Cup®-compatible cups are engineered to maintain the coffee’s freshness all the way to your cup.

Join the joyful coffee drinkers and get a discounted (or free!) brewer with your subscription.

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