Changing Your Subscription

We’ve built our subscription platform to be as flexible as possible. There are some limitations to updating and changing subscriptions based on how we charge credit cards. We’ve provided a comprehensive guide to changing your subscription below. Contact us if you have questions.

Change Roasts in Future Orders

You can easily change the roasts you’ll receive on future orders that have not already shipped.  Find your subscription under My Account and click view. When the subscription detail page loads, you can click Change Roasts and easily update the roasts you will receive.

Change Subscription Size

Our proprietary algorithm helps to determine the exact amount of coffee you should receive within each shipment, but there’s always a chance you’ll need to change this.  The easiest way to increase or decrease your subscription is to contact us with details of the change so we can assist you.

Canceling an Order or Subscription

Our #1 goal at DripJoy is your satisfaction. When you commit to us, we commit to making your experience the best possible.  That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive guarantees around our products.  These guarantees are in place to help ensure you have a positive experience in the event that a product or order doesn’t meet your expectations. If you need to cancel an order or a subscription please read the policies here and then contact us.