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A Single Serve Coffee Maker that Simply Works

To give coffee lovers the best cup of single serve coffee they’ve ever had, whenever they want it, we designed a better coffee machine. It’s durable, utilizing commercial grade parts, and engineered to reduce clogging. It brews all K-cup® compatible coffee, regardless of the brand. It runs hotter and brews slower, creating the perfect cup of coffee…pure joy!


We Brew it All

We’re not playing favorites here. You’ll never have to worry about whether your favorite coffee will brew in our machine – we brew any and all K-cup® compatible coffee.

We Brew Hotter

Our systems brew beverages hotter than others on the market, with a heat tank supporting temperatures between 176F – 198F. Better yet, our brewer is ready to go just 60 seconds after you turn it on.

We Minimize Clogging

We engineered our brewer to use high pressure cycles to clear out excess grounds that lead to clogging.

We Brew Longer and Slower

Our system allows hotter water to stay in contact with the coffee longer, extracting the full flavor of our beans. A slower brew further seeps the coffee, balancing brew strength to ensure optimal extraction.

We Brew Cleaner

Because our water remains hot in the enclosed tank, we minimize calcification, reducing clogging and machine maintenance.

We Brew Non-Stop

Our commercial-grade components mean we can handle anything. We’re dependable enough for heavy office use.

We’re Space Conscious

Your coffee maker shouldn’t take up your entire counter. Our design is narrow and small, taking up a little over half of a square foot. That’s much smaller than most single server brewers you’ll find.

We’re Guaranteed

We stand behind our brewing system. As long as you are a subscribing member, we’ll replace your machine if needed.

And the best part…

We’ve created a better coffee experience, starting with a re-engineered brewer that comes free with most plans.

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